Seed Power For Breakfast

I've been looking for alternatives to my usual Greek yogurt breakfast as an opportunity to incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods and less sugar into the day. This recipe is easy to fix in the morning and travels well on my way to work. By the time I get there it's nice and thick. 

What an Expert Hand!

What an Expert Hand!

What an expert hand! Eye-popping images on Colossal will make art lovers of us all. Spotted on Tumblr via FastCompany.

Cardio Burpee Circuit

75 Burpee Circuit

I know, 75 burpees really isn’t that many, but on a light workout day it is just enough to make 

suicide drills

Suicide 300 Circuit

Remember suicides? No not the running drills you had to do in basketball practice. The other ones. If you're not sure you know what they are, the image above illustrates them well.